“Just a note to let you know your book Baa Baa Smart Sheep is my daughters 1st book that she has actually wanted to read, she carts it around and will read it while walking and wants to read it all the time i tell you i know the words!!!! my girl is Chanel 7.3ys has difficulty in reading so thanks to you we have a break thru. :)” Lani Hartley  - NZ

“I gave the book to my grandson when he turned five and by the next day he could read it himself. We now read it like a play with each of us taking the part of the sheep or the turkey.” Sheryl Tilyard - NZ 


“Gorgeous, magnificent ... a triumph! Everyone I have shown it to has absolutely laughed out loud” National Radio - John McIntyre

“Snappily written, gorgeously illustrated.” NZ Herald Canvas Magazine

“a smart modern take on the trickster tale... a perfect example of persuasive language. Brilliant.” National Library of NZ

“Delightful - for its simplicity, quirkiness and laugh-out-loud humour. I found myself still chuckling at it a long time after reading.” The Breeze FM