“I just want to say that I have fallen in love with 'Cork and the Bottle'. My husband and I were on our 7th year wedding anniversary in Tairua for the weekend having a much-needed break from our 2 darling little boys aged 1 and 2. I read this book in the store and actually had tears in my eyes. I felt like this was a story about the journey through our marriage, which has not always been easy. It summed up our love for one another in a way that I knew our children would understand. This book will be an absolute treasure in our house for years to come!! Thank you so much!” Danielle  - NZ

“Quirky, enchanting, luminous.” Canvas Magazine

“Cork and the Bottle is not just a book but a work of art. Cleverly written, older children will enjoy the intricacies of the plot and younger children will love having the story read to them and looking at the pictures.” Hawkes Bay Today

“Cork and the Bottle is the sequel to one of my favourite children's books Cork on the Ocean. As much as I love the words, the pictures really make me (and my 5-year-old daughter Scarlett) love this book even more! Who would think that a bottle and cork could take on a personality of their own. It's a delight to read and a delight to look at.” More FM