“This book has us in hysterics. Adults and children. It is Keira’s (aged 5) favourite book but always has to be read in tandem with Baa Baa Smart sheep. She could not wait for it to be on sale and it has exceeded all expectations. Awesome Awesome book.” Irene Wood - New Zealand

“I just wanted to let you know that we received your book “I LOVE LEMONADE” is just wonderful! My hubby thinks it is the BEST book – it really tickled his fancy! He laughed and laughed, and was very impressed with the book, illustrations, website – quality and quirkiness! I haven’t even read it to the kids yet!! Hee hee” Nicky Johnston - Australia 

“This beauitfully crafted hardback is a sassy follow-up to Baa Baa Sheep and sees Quirky Turkey trying to exact revenge after Little Baa Baa tricked him . . . Rowan's illustrations are a delight, capturing the nuances of the exchanges between the two as they try to out-manoeuvre each other.” NZ Herald Canvas Magazine

“When you end up getting dirty looks from other customers because you’re laughing out loud in the middle of the store, you know it's a great book. I Love Lemonade is absolutely hilarious... At first I thought it was just going to be a role reversal of the original story, but it is far better (and funnier) than that. If you want a picture book that will have you and your kids in stitches grab a copy of I Love Lemonade”